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What is Invoice Discounting?

This is an Invoice Finance Facility where a company’s unpaid Invoices are used as a collateral for a loan. will hereby enable those companies & contractors to leverage the value of their sales ledger.

Example: Mrs. Ada’s total invoice completed account receivable is say, $10,000, and she approaches us for an Invoice discount, and we reach out to Mrs. Ada’s client, and she says we can advance her say 70%. This means Mrs. Ada is advanced $7,000. After few weeks Mrs. Ada’s client settles the Invoice, recompensing $10,000 into a Trust Account managed by If our agreement says we charge 10% as our fee, we will then deduct $1,000 and pay Mrs. Ada $2,000, as her final settlement.

Invoice discounting simply releases the capital held in an unpaid invoice strictly with recognized Blue-chip/ creditworthy companies. Invoice discounting simply involves transfer of rights on an asset (invoice) from the seller to the financier at an agreed value.

How does it work?

SmartSHE provides a platform for business owners to sell invoices raised on blue chip companies using data analytics. Business-owners looking for an advance on their invoices, raised against blue chip/creditworthy institutions, can use our platform to sell these unpaid invoices at attractive rates. 

What is LPO Financing?

Our Local Purchase Order financing is simply a financing system that allows clients who have obtained purchased orders, letters of award to deliver goods and services or to carry out contractual works access funding from SmartSHE with ease.

What’s the Eligibility Criteria for doing business with SmartSHE?

Must be in the business of supplies or services to large blue-chip/ creditworthy companies and can avail the bill discounting services provided by SmartSHE eligibility and amount of discounting is governed by the creditworthiness of the business and therefore they should be willing to share their financial information and other related documents.

Does SmartSHE has any Limit of amount she gives?

Our limit is dependent your business requirement and SmartSHE eligibility criteria.

Does SmartSHE has any limit of financing?

There’s no limit to our financing value, all is depending on your legal business requirement and SmartSHE eligibility criteria.

What is the maximum tenure for a working capital financing.

Our maximum tenure is 60 days, with the design of monthly interest reading

What is the maximum tenure for discounting an Invoice or LPO financing or SME lending?

We only offer a maximum of 90days Invoice or LPO

What is Working Capital?

This is the Capital of a business which is used to run its day-to-day trading operations, and it is calculated as the current asset minus the current liabilities.

That is the amount of cash a business can safely spend.

What is a Working Capital Solution Facility?

This type of loans is designed to cater for those operational or day-to-day activities in your business or company. It’s normally over a short or medium term, designed to boost cash in the business to go after existing or new opportunities. The size of the working capital loan you can get depends on many facets of your business profile.

Secured working capital loans will require assets to use as security, so the amount you can borrow is restricted by the assets available.

Unsecured working capital will not require assets, for these loans your credit rating will be more important, and you’ll often have to give some of guarantee, by some specified means. 

How does it Work?

A business or company approaches SmartSHE and fills up an application, input the requested data, which is used for an assessment and profiling to determine your credit underwriting capabilities. If positive, you get a follow-up call or mail.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for doing business with SMARTSHE?

Must be within 20 – 60 years of Age.

Must have a legally owned business or company.

Must be in the business of supplies, Purchases, Trading or Services.

Must have a verifiable bank account and Tax Identification Number

Must have a National Identity Number (NIN)

Must have an active purchase order or an Invoice for Discounting.

Is our Financial Information Secured and not shared to third party?

SmartSHE is looking to obtain the following International Stardard Organisation certifications: ISO 19000:2005 and 27001:2013. This very ISO certifications will further validate our high standard of ethics and showcase us as great business of repute.

What happens if SmartSHE goes out of business?

SmartSHE is a licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a finance company operating on its core and valued products/ services. To further consolidate our mutual trust in business, we will be opening an escrow account for each of our client. All transfer of funds happens through these escrow accounts. In case of liquidation of SmartSHE due to any financial/legal reason, money in a member's escrow account will be returned to the respective owners immediately. Money involved in the process will not be transferred to SmartSHE account at any stage (except service fees and government taxes, etc)

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