SmartSHE is one of the few Startups in the African Continent that is poised to help her clients pursue Truth, Equity, Fairness, Balance and Justice.

At heart, we are a Financial Inclusion-driven technology company powering the African continent, professionals, Institutions and ecosystem. This work is re-enforced at the way our associates and strategic partners build bond.

We simply create opportunities for great partnership, promoting Inclusivity, balance in-equality and build a sustainable corporate citizenship. Through our customers, we lay the foundations upon which value is created, advancing the integrity and resilience of critical corporate systems.

Together, we will achieve this by using an integrated organization approach to social impact using all resources and activities.

We will achieve business excellence in social impact, continuously improve our approach and secure workforce, communities, and stakeholders satisfaction with our ambition, culture and activities.

Our approach will secure a sustainable legacy from the resources and services at SmartSHE.

We pledge that:

1. SmartSHE’s social impact activities will enhance our mission and vision to communities.
2. Our social impact activities will be informed and directed by needs, trends and transparency.
3. We will work in collaboration with our partners to deliver value.
4. We will deliver social impact through an integrated organization approach encompassing resources, funding and all business practices.
5. Our impact on women owned businesses shall be clear, prioritize, transparent and all success will be shared and celebrated.
6. We will seek opportunities to leverage external resources and additional investment to maximize quality impact.
7. Our social impact activities will be linked to our overall performance.
8. We will seek to provide a positive sustainable impact in our community of clients.